The Truth about The Bible

I have traveled a lot. From being a young girl travel with my parents to traveling with my husband for fun and traveling for speaking engagements, I have been on my fair share of airplanes.


Each time before we take off they will come on the speaker and share a load of information about the flight and what to do if anything were to go wrong during the flight. Every time they will say something like “Should the cabin experience sudden pressure loss, an oxygen mask will drop down from above your seat. Place your oxygen mask over your mouth and nose and pull the straps to tighten. Please make sure to put your mask on before assisting those around you.” In case you are wondering, yes I wrote that from memory (then googled- to make sure I was right) and no I have not flown in a couple of months. Just goes to show you, I wasn’t joking about how often we usually fly.


So why am I sharing with you this information about oxygen masks on an airplane? Well, let me explain!


Recently, in a quiet time with the Lord, I begin to ask Him about the Bible. I have always been told it’s important, it’s life changing and so forth. But if all of that was true (which I wholeheartedly believe that it is), then why is it so hard for us to prioritize it and read it regularly? I personally feel we struggle because we don’t understand the power of it. So here I am talking to God and I felt like he said one simple thing- “The Bible is your oxygen mask” immediately I thought about the airplane and knew what He was saying to me.


You see we live in a world that has lost pressure and God dropped down an oxygen mask to save us and carry us through. But part of the problem is so many of us are trying to put the oxygen mask, The Bible, on others before putting it on ourselves. Then we also see that because we have yet to put on our oxygen mask we are breathing in all the toxins of the world wondering why we are sick, hopeless, and feeling like we can’t breathe due to brokenness.


The Bible wasn’t written as a tool to tear down the world around us. The Bible was written to be our oxygen mask. To clean out the junk in our heart, and equip us to love the world we encounter.


After this moment with the Lord, I had a new fire inside of me to be sure that I put on my oxygen mask every day (sometimes multiple times a day), one to save myself but especially before I try and help others put on their mask.


Remember, How God breathed into Adam to create Him?

What if the very things we are desiring and needing, God is waiting to create by breathing into us through His word, our oxygen mask? 


I would love to hear from you! Where are you currently reading in the Bible? Do you have a story of a time that the Bible really breathed a life-giving word into your heart and maybe even into your situation? Please share with us because these are our testimonies and they bring hope, encouragement, and life to those who hear it!