Hi Friends!

My name is Elaine Fisher and I have been married to my best friend, Ethan for a little over seven years now! Ethan and I have 3 beautiful children and 1 on the way! We will have 4 kids in 4.5 years which was this momma’s dream come true! But rest assured this is our last child! haha! Since we were dating we agreed we would have 4 children close in age. Yes, after our 3rd came into our family I had my doubts but deep down I always knew we would finish strong with #4! I am so glad that in Spring of 2018 we will complete our family with a little BOY! Scroll down to meet our kiddos and hear a little more about what I endearingly call “My Mini Circus”!



Addelynn Elaine

Adde is our oldest! She turned 4 in August and is our little mini mommy! She is such a big Adde is our oldest! She turned 4 in August and is our little mini mommy! She is such a big helper and loves so expansively! Adde loves to learn and is excelling in her little preschool! She is super excited when her teachers send home homework. She loves all things girly! She is my little friend and I love the times that I get to take her somewhere just us even if it is to Walmart to grab milk because I have run out yet again! (You would think I would learn!)


Katelynn Christine

Kate is currently my middle child! She will be 3 in March and is spunky, full of life little girl! She is starting to talk more and she keeps us laughing! I am loving watching her little personality come to life! She is a determined little girl who is very hard to persuade so I am learning a new way of parenting! Her latest thing is she strongly believes the baby is in her tummy and will be named “ABCD”. Somethings we just don’t argue with her about! Haha!


Preston Ethan

My little man- Preston! Preston turned 1 in August. Preston is all boy and man do I love it but he definitely keeps me moving! He is at the fun stage of getting into everything, learning to find his voice (which currently is mostly screaming) but he is the sweetest little cuddle bug and lover. I often joke he is like the sour patch commercial- one moment he is pulling hair or hitting and the next he is giving you the sweetest hugs and kisses.


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